Corona Virus and Working Remotely

We are now coming to the realization that working remotely has to be part of any business plan if you want your business to be successful. The novel Coronavirus has literally taken the world by storm. It has single-handedly brought the world’s economy to a slow and dreary pace. But businesses do not have to stick to that pace as long as they implement a strategy that will assure the smooth and efficient processes of their business.

Working remotely or working from home has not been an idea that many businesses have adopted. Many older businesses might be successful in the traditional manner, but they fail to adapt to the ever-changing technological world and are now seeing their business slowly coming to a halt. Younger and newer businesses know that amping up the technological side of business is the future to running a successful business. Now this is all too painfully obvious in the business world that instilling remote access is necessary.

Here are some helpful insights to help you business stay a step ahead of any type of crisis:

  1. Get a Computer Networld services. These systems will enable your workers to work from any region of your country.
  2. Get the apps that work across all software systems: Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows.
  3. Provide devices to your employees. If your business can afford to get devices for you employees, you will avoid any unnecessary data breaches. If you can’t afford the devices right now, then let your employees work using their own devices “BYOD”, but get the security software in place first before giving full access.
  4. If your employees access private client information, make your to use a virtual private network for added security.
  5. Your employees should already be aware of good cyber security practices. They should be careful about which links to click and to know where emails come from.
  6. If you are in the medical field make sure all your resources and processes are HIPAA compliant.
  7. Last, Make sure to be proactive and test the plan to make it a full proof Business Continuity Plan.

If your business can follow simple strategies and processes, then smooth functionality is inevitable. Just keep communicating with your employees to keep your clients happy and they will not even notice the difference. Adapting the process of working remotely will keep your business going and your employees able to work especially in unforeseen crises.

If you are ready to move your business forward and into the technological world, contact us and we can help you get started. Computer Networld, Inc.

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