Change your passwords often

business man working on laptop keyboard changing passwords
Update passwords often

It’s time to change your passwords. Most likely you have kept same passwords on your email account, online banking account and every website you shop. Every time you sign up for an online service or social network you have to come up with another password that is safe and secure.

Passwords should keep you safe but hackers are always trying new ways to get your information. Too many times, hackers have broken through “so called” secured passwords and firewalls to get at your personal information and financial data. Even though we are aware of the actions of these hackers, we still use weak and common passwords.

The most popular password is “123456”, “password” and “12345678.” Most likely you have used one or more of these passwords thinking it was secure enough. It’s not.

Don’t use any personal information like name, spouse’s name, children’s names, or pet names. Never use your social security number or any consecutive sequence of numbers. Stay away from using “password”, “love”, “money”, or “pass.” Don’t use past schools or mascots, your current city, or anyone’s date of birth.

Using the same password for multiple logins is a big no no especially for email accounts. Once a hacker cracks one password, they’ll have access to all accounts including financial ones.

Use a combination of symbols and captial letters to create a password that is strong and difficult to figure out. Also using something from a fond memory is more secure and definitely harder to hack than anything else. Why? Cause it is only in your brain and nowhere else.

Just be smart in what your passwords are and you can be assured that your personal information and financial data will be secure. Consult with Computer Networld, Inc. to secure your business today (Riverview, Florida).

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