Am I a business owner? Is it beneficial to hire an IT Managed Service Consultant or should I hire an employee full time as part of my staff?

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Get Security and Protection from Cybercriminals

 Today a large majority of businesses are using the following key words such as Cloud, SaaS, PaaS and other new trending words. It seems like business owners can manage their own IT themselves. It is true that business owners/ Office Managers can do basic IT administrative tasks like adding and removing user accounts and other simple ones; but there is a more in-depth concept that the IT person should understand and master. In a traditional computer office setup environment, there is a secure closet, servers, networking gears all physically secured and locked, all computers on the floor are restricted, plus the entire office space is locked as well. This type of business model is changing. Physically everything still looks the same, but at the core it is completely different. Businesses that are in the process of an IT transformation remove physical servers and move most, if not all, their IT to the Cloud to either Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google G cloud. This is where you lease a slice of datacenter instead of local servers. In this concept, it is more important to use a qualified IT Managed Service Provider such as Computer Networld (based in Riverview, Florida).

The Cloud provider gives the business owner an open space in the Cloud and it is up to the business owner to lock it down or keep it open. In this scenario, you can’t physically lock the location of your important data and then disconnect from the internet thinking your data is secure. Most businesses must have an internet presence; however, this presence must be balanced with security. For example, secure your business from Email phishing. This security issue can cost companies large financial loss ranging from thousands to millions of dollars, not including the damage to the business reputation, and client trust.

In this case cyber criminals can harvest large amount of information from different avenues of your internet presence such as websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. The next step cyber attackers take is to procure new resources like your business and some of your clients. For example: Web domains, emails impersonating you and your client with minor differences that are hard to notice. Then they start communicating with your office and send a carefully crafted phishing email that will redirect your staff member to enter his/her legitimate credentials. At that time, the hacker can then add rules such as forwarding in email boxes and easily access confidential information. The final result is that you or your client end up rerouting money based on supposed real information which will ultimately lead to revenue loss and in tainted reputation.

Cyber threats are a reality. If you think this scenario can happen to you please reach out to Computer Networld located in Riverview, Florida. The first hour is free to discuss how we can help you gain a secure and safe future for your business today.

Here is a recently published article from CBS News about cybercriminals: How Cybercriminals Hold Data Hostage

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